Not in any Box of Crayons

When you only see people
Once a week, you notice
The growth of their fingernails
More … how long you’ve been
Gone, and I missed you
All the while, I did, it’s true,
You were away, and I sat until
It hurt my body as much as
It did inside, where my soul
Lives, when I’m lonely, I
Turn on the TV, or the radio,
And I pretend the announcers
Or DJs, they’re talking to me.
It helps when I don’t have
Anyone else to pay attention
To. That’s funny, paying
Attention. I never noticed that
Before, I was paying for
Your attention, paying, with
Dinners and dancing, gifts,
Of course, and also that old
Cash money. A stack of twenties,
Or several larger bills, left on
The nightstand while you dozed.
You’re still dozing. You’ve been
For months, and your fingernails,
They grow weekly, while you
Turn steadily, from deep purple to
A shade I like to call “wet black”.