Boredom and Inspiration

We do so much together, I’m sometimes
Lost for things to do, when you’re out
Of town, or with your friends, or anyplace
I’m not, I think there’s bills to pay, but
Games I’ll play, involving dexterity and
Whatnot, I wish I had friends, like you
Have friends, but your friends aren’t
My friends, they could have been, and
Should have liked me, but I’m not
Well-versed in social situations, my tongue
gets tied, and my palms grow moist, and
I flush, and stutter slightly, I miss the
Face your friends are seeing, your pretty
Eyes, and pouty lips, and smile they’re
All graced with, I wander my house,
Lonely and jealous, not really jealous,
Just bored, so I sit, and I think, and there’s
Something I could do, I wonder and think,
I plan, and I plot, and I’m putting myself
In position, I breathe deeply, and concentrate,
And envision your face, and I wish
You were here, so you’d cheer my success,
I imagine you, over there, while beaming
With pride, you’d look over at me, smiling
And say, “Darling, it’s amazing, you lying there,
How much urine you can catch in your mouth”.