Haiku for Boo

I’m a pretty babe,
Swaddled against your bosom
I feel quite virile.

Haiku ala Poo

Followed to the can,
I can clean myself, you know;
You’re sweet to wipe me.

Haiku for you

Bloody, bruised, and panicked:
I would have let you bone me,
Now I’m not so sure.

Haiku y tu?

Really quite sleepy,
Exhaust pipe taped to a hose,
Filling your rectum.

Haiku Fish Soup

First, sauté onions,
Chop garlic, sprouts, and bok choy
Add stock, fish, then simmer.

Haiku You

Stretching and straining,
Yogic meditation helps,
I taste like sauerkraut.