Something Ventured

My day at work was a pain, so while
Waiting for the bus I called you,
Expecting your voice mail instead,
I got you, mellifluous words streaming
Beautiful affection in my ear piece-clad
Ear, the sky misted down on me and I
Plucked my jacket collar up, like a
Teen heartthrob from the 80s I don’t
At all resemble, but you love me anyway,
And tell me so, on and on, you tell me
The things I’m supposed to remember,
What I told you I had to do, and stuff
You need me to do to make your life
Easier, groceries to get, and stationary,
And then, still on the phone, you said,
“It burns when I go to the bathroom,”
And I was zoning out, I guess, because
I thought you were curling your hair,
Or something, but now, I’m discovering
How much it burns when I pee … what
The shit, Debbie? I fucking trusted you.