March 2007


Vile, I thought, my lips
Locked with those of my
One, true, lovely love,
Vile, and that’s all I thought,
Vomiting up the taste of dick
And shit onto her probing
Tongue and open mouth.

Sometimes you hurt me

Sticks and stones and all that,
But childhood rhymes are no
Basis for relationships, none
Save the Golden Rule, so
When I raised my concerns
About how much I dislike it
When you relieve yourself
On me in the shower, I expected
That out of respect for me,
You’d stop, and now, after
Repeated conversations,
Multiple pleas, it continues, day
After day after day, until I don’t
Know how to trust you any more,
And you certainly can’t trust
Me at this point, I’ve been relieving
Myself in your cereal for weeks now.

Not made from any tree

It’s true, that after a while,
Passion begins to wane, and
In that era of a relationship,
Steps need to be taken, now
We could see other people,
Spice it up that way, or see
Each other bumping up against
Our neighbors’ significant
Others, and maybe that would
Work, I don’t know, because
Honestly, we never got that
Far before I realized that
Everything tastes like waffles
Yes, it was a moment of genius,
Your rectum is damn near saturated
With butter-flavored syrup.

How is it supposed to work?

I was distraught when you left me,
Fiery insides and an anger so hot,
It was weeks before my vision cleared
And I was able to distance myself
From our situation: you’ve left me,
And I have to deal with that like an
Adult, I’m all grown up, and painting
Any more pictures of hate on our
Bedroom wall, with handfuls of feces,
Isn’t going to solve anything.

When I think about you

There’s a lovely in my life, and
She’s a smart as she is pretty,
She’s compassionate and nice,
And ever aware of how she
Treats me, so I treat her like
She’s royalty, I speak to her
As if she is my queen, and I
Respect her like no other, so
I serve her on a platter, and
I clear her dishes, too, when
She gets up to leave, I speak,
“Tell me prithee, my lady, did
You have a fine sup?” Then
She looks at me oddly, and
Pays for her meal, when she
Tips me, I bow, take my
Bills and change to the back,
Into the staff lounge, where
I drop trou, and jerk at my
Dick with your cash in hand.


It’s not all cotton candy and
Sugar plum kisses, I know
Relationships are a rollercoaster
Of emotions, heated passion and
Painstakingly cultivated anger,
And it’s riding the coaster well
That indicates a healthy, happy
Life together, not a lack of ups
And downs, but an acceptance,
A tolerance of the changes
Lives undergo, so what’s this
Fucking sandwich, Diane? I
Expect a hot mother-fucking
Meal when I come home from
A ten hour shift at the foundry.

But who’s looking out for my safety?

The more I accept from you,
The more I am compelled to offer,
Your generosity astounding, and
Unmatched in my lifetime, the
Simple gifts you give, time and
Energy mean so much, coming
From you, you’re so sensitive and
Expressive, what you’ve taught me
About life and love speak volumes
About the person you are, and
The couple we could be, I want to
Take you down to the boardwalk
And show you off, that’s what I’d
Like to do, but you have to understand
We can’t.  After what I did to that
Rollerblader with a stick of Crisco
And my left stilt, they’re not going to
Let me anywhere near the promenade again.

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