A nice end to a beginning.

Lovely, and clad in white, you were,
Veiled and sexy as only lace and sequins
Can make a woman, I was decked out
In the same tuxedo my brother wore,
To his Senior prom, It’s a secret, of sorts,
That he never returned the tux to the rental
Place, it fits me, mostly, I think the tails
Are a little too long or not long enough,
But what do I know about dressing all fancy,
And smelling like Preferred Stock cologne?
I’m just a regular fellow, and you’ve been
My one and only since 8th grade, and we’ve
Had our ups and downs, sure we have, but
Through everything, a piece of my soul has run
On the high-octane fuel of your love.  You
Walked toward me, and your Uncle Cody
Gave you away to me, and the rest is an
Old Crow-stoked blur, because I don’t remember
Which of us started screaming bloody murder
In that church, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me.
If I remember correctly, you did an awful lot
Of screaming, while I asked you to stop, and
Then kept hitting you, and hitting you, until
The police took us downtown, an unorthodox
Ending to a beautiful joining of families.