I love you now

Arm encircling your waist, I lead you
Into a dip, feet always moving, steps in time
With a sweetly subtle beat, our hips move
In tandem, eyes meet eyes as I pull you close,
Into me, basking in the scent of you and
Your skin, the special smell you sprayed yourself
With this evening, we left the house hand-in-hand
And you told me you loved me then, your smile
Glowing while my heart beamed, I’m beaming
Still, spin, dip, and you’re pulled back,
Close to me, I can feel the rhythm of
Your heart beneath your satin and taffeta gown,
And I imagine every man here
Is so very jealous of me having you,
Then you sigh, exhale hot breath on
Sweat dappled flesh, and
Resting your head on my shoulder, you
Tongue my neck, which is when I lean in
To whisper in your ear, “In another minute,
This vibrating cock ring is going to
Make me stain the front of my pants.