A love less standard

It’s like the tropics in this bed,
Sheets glued to flesh with fluids
Like sweat, others, and the moment
I met you, I knew we’d end like
This, otherwise occupied, entwined,
Less individuals than two parts
Of a whole, entangled arms and legs,
And I can’t stop thinking how pretty you are,
Sweat beaded on your brow, your arms
Are long and thin, just like your fingers are,
I’ve seen those fingers do things
That make me want to groan, I did groan
And so did you, I made sure of that,
I surprised you with all the things I did,
I could see it in your eyes, eyes show
So many feelings to a lover, to me,
The sounds you made when I finished
You off made me shudder, now’s the time
We can just lay here, it’s too damn
Hot to cuddle, the heat makes us too
Sticky, the bed’s soaked through, but
You’re so sexy, with your entrails showing,
I cleaned you up all nice, but there’s so much
Juice in a body, and I ran out of paper towels
Over three days ago.  I think that’s why the ants
Have chosen you to be their new, sticky home.