Flowers are nice, though.

Who knows when a friendship becomes
Something more, a relationship that
Blossoms into a magic beyond friends,
When what I want and what you
Want match up the way I always hoped
It would, canoodling and giggling,
Acting like we’re much younger than we are,
Like we’ve discovered something no one
Else knows about, or has experienced, I
Hadn’t known something like this existed,
I tell you true, this blossom in my
Lapel is something new, a different
Beating of my heart when you’re around,
I feel different, funny, intoxicated
But with you instead of booze, or drain
Cleaner, or that syrup you drink
When your throat feels like crap.
I need some of that syrup now, ‘cause
That drain cleaner I drank is making my
Throat burn something awful. Fucks you up.