Find and Go

Playing hide and seek with me
And mine – you – dash away
While I call out numbers, capped
At a hundred, and ready or not!
I don’t know where you are, so
Go searching, are you in the attic?
I don’t think so, in the tub? Hardly.
Are you hiding beneath a discarded
blanket at the back of the hallway
Closet? You are not, and I can’t
Find you in the living room
Behind the couches, or in the
Cabinet beneath the sink, or
Anywhere I can think to look,
And I want to find you, wrap you in
My arms and kiss you, declaring you
The winner of winners, but you seem
To have run off, and it throws me into
A weeklong depression, until I’m in
The garage, and there’s the old,
Abandoned refrigerator behind your
Grand dad’s Chevy, I open the door,
And there you are curled up and cold:
The winner. For evidence, let me present
The facts to the judging council, your skin,
An impressive orange hue, the color
Of over-steeped Lemon Zeal tea, but tea
Is known for its delicious scent, and you,
I’m sad to say, don’t smell very good at all.