Haiku Mach 2.2

Making brown warships,
Clenched my buttocks and squeezed, while
I was in the bath.

Baby, I love you,
How many events we’ve planned,
Chow down on my lap.

Who can refuse love?
Gently touch, feelings flourish,
Pop off, then sneak out.

Worn, strung-out hooker,
Paid from my son’s college fund,
Keep licking at my groin.

I was less aware
When you put on the blindfold,
Scared, I start to pee.

The theory of sex,
In, out, and repeat, but what
Is this funnel for?

My tongue is tired,
Bly gluve myu gwah flear bluerly,
Let go of my head.

Perversion is not
Socially accepted fun,
Let’s use jam for lube.