September 2008

Attention-Seeking Behavior

I was playing with my blocks,
A-B-Cs and Lego,
“Go-go-go away!”
Called mommy through the door,
Lots of bumping while they play,
My mom and Uncle Paul,
I built up towers with my blocks,
Then I toppled them all,
Bored, and they don’t come outside,
Mommy’s locked bedroom door,
My belly’s rumbling,
Eat peanut butter and cheese,
Then play with blocks some more,
I wonder what my mommy does,
When I hear her moan and bounce,
Mr. Kittens throws up red,
When I defrost him in the microwave.

It’s been a long time. Sometimes those “great” ideas you have peter out after writing poem after poem day after day. You have to step back. Recharge. And that’s what I did.

So, I was showering this morning, thinking about the Psychotic Love Poetry readings I have coming up this weekend (Friday and Saturday at The Dark Room, 8pm), and I realized I have nothing new to read. And then I thought about the children.

Children are a a revitalizing influence. How better to make an old franchise seem new? Take a page from the Muppet Babies handbook.

Until I get sick of it, I present Psychotic Love Poetry 3.0, “Lil’ Psychotic Love Poetry and Friends”.