August 2009

Driving down the highway in my shiny, speedy car,
My foot is heavy on the gas, but I’m not traveling far,
I’m surfing on the Internet, I’m passing right and left,
Click a picture of my cock and balls,
(My iPhone’s rather deft)
Now upload pic to craigslist ad,
“Deep Throat Me Till I Spew”,
I am a fit professional: here’s what I’d like to do,
I’ll come to you while I’m at lunch,
You’ll get down on your knees,
I’ll take my dick out of my pants,
Pushed through unzippered teeth,
Now suck that head!
Please work that shaft!
And when I’m going to blow,
Look at me with upturned eyes,
And that is when you’ll know,
I’m out of here in seconds, baby,
You won’t get yours from me,
But if you’re patient and you wait,
You can rub off once I drive away.


It’s difficult,
Every day,
Thinking up phrases like,
“Fucked her with a bean pole”,
And “My hands are warmest crammed in your butt”,
And I do it because you want me too,
And I do it because I’m compelled,
And I do it to test the sound of,
“Suck your juice off that vibrator like it was my knob”,
Before I say it to you,
To make sure it sounds sexier than it does dirty.

I love you like a million bucks,
You love me like a pet,
As long as we adore each other,
This’ll be the best life yet,
I share the early morn with you,
We share our bed at night,
And when we eat,
We share breakfast,
In morning and at night,
When bathroom hour rolls around,
I share that with you too,
Let’s fill the tub with Kix and milk,
I’ll lay in it, you screw.

You know your tits are round and firm,
Your belly’s flat,
Your hips are round,
And the only think tighter than your pussy is your ass,
But your problem is you’re loud and grabby,
You kick in your sleep,
And you’re always gabby,
My secrets aren’t secrets when the whole world knows my secrets,
And you’re not really a lady when your lady parts don’t have arms,
Don’t have legs, a neck or a head,
Which I still need to dispose of,
I’m keeping your torso,
It’s my torso now,
And while I won’t miss your jabber,
My knob will be lonely without that dick-sucking mouth of yours.

Lonely and yearning,
So stuffy and sick,
Or maybe you just had a cold,
Your sinuses weighty,
Pussy on my prick,
You’re lifting it up and you’re grinding it down,
Your climax comes,
My mouth goes up,
Your nose between my lips,
You grunt and clench,
I suck and swallow,
Then yark your snot on your chest.

Multi-cultural, multi-lingual,
They are leaving our city together,
Two wonderful people,
A scientist and a William,
One’s from up North,
One came from the West,
Met in San Francisco,
They made it much better,
And now they both go,
To Portland, you know,
We’re seeing them off with much sadness,
They love each other so,
It’s a comfort, I know,
They fuck just like us,
But Will’s faster.

I was reading,
I often do,
Bus wheels crunch over gravel
And I’m thinking of you,
The heave of your chest as you came,
Your arms that held like I was going to slip away,
I turn the page, read on,
“I’m in room 103,” she says to a stranger,
“But business don’t start ’till five o’clock,”
Toothily is how she smiles,
And my mouth’s agape as she gets off,
Bus beep-beeping as the special platform lowers,
She enters the Yale Hotel, and I know
I’ll be visiting a hooker in a wheelchair tonight.

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