October 2009

Crying and screaming and
Throwing things, like lovers do,
And you’re right, I didn’t have to
Slap your stupid, bitch
Face, Tod, that’s true, but
You didn’t have to
Call my dick grody, did you?

I’m kinda not paying attention,
Wearing your thighs as earmuffs,
But you keep talkin’ baby,
Just chat away, ‘cause today I’m
Taking my time, doing my best
Impersonation of a pretty–pretty kitty,
Lapping up your milk;
Come to think of it, you’re the pussy,
So I should be … your owner,
And you can be my pussy, purring,
While I pet you all night long,
Except I’m gonna use my tongue.

The thing about thirst is
It’s all-consuming, my mouth
Roughens, my tongue swells,
And you’re so wet down there,

I’ve been running on empty, but I’m
Perking up soon, been walking for what
Seems like miles, been walking after you,
But somewhere when you turned a corner,
You wandered out of sight, now I’ve been
Strolling near and far: I’ve been walking  all night,
But sometime soon, I’ll feel a twitch, and
I’ll follow that direction, I’ll shift again,
I’ll go that way, to follow my erection,
Because you can wander; you can flee,
It makes not a shred of difference,
My B.O.N.A.R. to find you soon,
No matter what the distance.

I wish my testes were a speculum,
So I could spread you open,
I wish my penis was corrugated paper,
So I could sop up your organ,
I wish you understood the art I do,
But you said, “Vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity
Isn’t art, it’s nothing,” and so I stewed,
And thought, preemptively lowered my volume,
And whispered, “It’s vulgarity
For the sake of my boner, Baby,
And that’s hardly nothing at all.”

I’m working, striving, slowly
Getting back to baseline,
Searching for a way to come
Without seeing your face,
Feeling the fingers on your hand
Or mine, spouting off without
Human contact, shooping without
Flesh or bone or warmth,
And then I remembered what
Fuck machines are, and maxed out
My credit card.

Waking up to find it up,
Poking at the sheets, it looks
Like mini-men are camping,
Relaxing inside this tent I made,
And lo! Come look! Something has wakened,
A creature that hungers! A creature
That lives to destroy crotch-tents! And so:
I’m stabbing at you, stabbing
At you, stabbing at that something
Between your legs that eats my penis,
I love that hungry thing.

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