January 2010

I had a sister for a minute,
Then I was an only child,
Over and over,
Their birthrate got lower,
Two children have penises,
One has a vulva,
As all of them age,
As they fuck, fine and merry,
One of them’s lonely,
For he’ll never marry,
In a land of mostly men,
Women become precious,
And the dudes left behind in China,
With no ladies for comfort,
Well, they’ll be fucking butts!

We understand the difference in opinion,
But I was kissing her, and then you were,
And things progress and they do,
And then I did, and you were going to,
But you said,
“I’m not sure I want a mouthful of pussy,”
And I said,
“Well, you probably weren’t sure you wanted
A dick in your mouth ’till you sucked one, baby,
So why not give that dripping beaver a try,
While I wedge this dick pole of mine into your sweet cunny?”

I know me a penis,
Feels like it’s ten feet long,
And when it’s big and swollen,
It’s as wide as it is tall;

I know me a pussy,
I like to call it poon,
And when it gets excited,
You could stir it with a spoon;

I fill it with my penis,
when it’s cold and I feel grim,
So I don’t have to see your face,
I set the lights down dim.

I won’t punch you.
Too hard.
The first time.
But I will punch you.
Also, I will nail you
With my lap hammer
As soon as I feel like it:
Sometimes every day.

You’re laying there,
Your hair’s a nimbus,
A jumbled mess around your head,
And my head is spinning,
You’re so fucking sexy,
And my dick is hard,
My pussy’s wet,
Well, actually it’s your pussy,
But you know how “Finders, Keepers” works,
So it’s my pussy now.

I appreciate your hairless legs,
So smooth, pressed up against me,
The rolling curve of your lovely hips,
And your bosom still astounds me;
I wanted to give you a wonderful gift,
So I shaved my legs with your razor,
I ran my fingers up and down,
So sleek, so fine, so sexy,
So I kept shaving on my legs,
‘cause if hairless legs are super nice,
Shouldn’t skinless legs be nicer?