Sweets for the Sweet

I’m sitting by the telephone,
I wait for you to call,
I’m wondering if you saw me
When we both were at the mall,
I followed you from Benetton,
To the food court Auntie Anne’s,
I hid behind a Cinnabon,
I want to touch your hair,
I peeked around the kiosk,
But you were nearly there,
As you approached: I crouched,
I slid, around that kiosk’s corner,
And when I’d done all that I did,
I sprinted for new cover,
I watched you eat your snack and drink,
My zipper visibly straining,
And as you licked frosting from your lips,
My balls? They started draining.


Driving down the highway in my shiny, speedy car,
My foot is heavy on the gas, but I’m not traveling far,
I’m surfing on the Internet, I’m passing right and left,
Click a picture of my cock and balls,
(My iPhone’s rather deft)
Now upload pic to craigslist ad,
“Deep Throat Me Till I Spew”,
I am a fit professional: here’s what I’d like to do,
I’ll come to you while I’m at lunch,
You’ll get down on your knees,
I’ll take my dick out of my pants,
Pushed through unzippered teeth,
Now suck that head!
Please work that shaft!
And when I’m going to blow,
Look at me with upturned eyes,
And that is when you’ll know,
I’m out of here in seconds, baby,
You won’t get yours from me,
But if you’re patient and you wait,
You can rub off once I drive away.