Remember that song?
When it plays, I think of you:
It’s “Me So Horny”

Once, I thought we clicked,
But I was wrong as butt rape,
And you were wrong, too.

I said I’m sorry,
You are not a urinal:
Sometimes I forget.

It’s my fondue kink:
I’m a rocket fueled by cheese,
And you’re my launch pad.

I don’t hear words like:
“Pleasure me,” or “It’s my turn”
I came. Go to sleep.

It’s not menstrual blood
That’s soaking into my sheets:
Cutting’s not sexy.


I want to cry ‘till tears are blood,
But the friction feels so good,
The pain is there: it comes in bursts,
With each thrust, as it should;
I heard it on a TV show,
Read it on the World Wide Web,
Experimented with a straw, then moved up to a pen,
And now I’m going full bore, baby,
My knuckle deep in my dick hole, pumping,
I think you need lube to do this right.