Remember that song?
When it plays, I think of you:
It’s “Me So Horny”

Once, I thought we clicked,
But I was wrong as butt rape,
And you were wrong, too.

I said I’m sorry,
You are not a urinal:
Sometimes I forget.

It’s my fondue kink:
I’m a rocket fueled by cheese,
And you’re my launch pad.

I don’t hear words like:
“Pleasure me,” or “It’s my turn”
I came. Go to sleep.

It’s not menstrual blood
That’s soaking into my sheets:
Cutting’s not sexy.


It’s difficult,
Every day,
Thinking up phrases like,
“Fucked her with a bean pole”,
And “My hands are warmest crammed in your butt”,
And I do it because you want me too,
And I do it because I’m compelled,
And I do it to test the sound of,
“Suck your juice off that vibrator like it was my knob”,
Before I say it to you,
To make sure it sounds sexier than it does dirty.