Remember that song?
When it plays, I think of you:
It’s “Me So Horny”

Once, I thought we clicked,
But I was wrong as butt rape,
And you were wrong, too.

I said I’m sorry,
You are not a urinal:
Sometimes I forget.

It’s my fondue kink:
I’m a rocket fueled by cheese,
And you’re my launch pad.

I don’t hear words like:
“Pleasure me,” or “It’s my turn”
I came. Go to sleep.

It’s not menstrual blood
That’s soaking into my sheets:
Cutting’s not sexy.

The problem with your attitude is the attitude you have,
Your big, white, fucking pickup truck,
Is big and white and sad,
The whole world knows you compensate,
For what you wish you had,
But the world is wide, and lacks insight:
Your dick’s of soup can size,
And second only to your truck,
It truly is your prize,
But having a giant dick doesn’t mean shit when you just came in your underwear, does it?
No, I didn’t think so.