Sweets for the Sweet

I’m sitting by the telephone,
I wait for you to call,
I’m wondering if you saw me
When we both were at the mall,
I followed you from Benetton,
To the food court Auntie Anne’s,
I hid behind a Cinnabon,
I want to touch your hair,
I peeked around the kiosk,
But you were nearly there,
As you approached: I crouched,
I slid, around that kiosk’s corner,
And when I’d done all that I did,
I sprinted for new cover,
I watched you eat your snack and drink,
My zipper visibly straining,
And as you licked frosting from your lips,
My balls? They started draining.


I love you like a million bucks,
You love me like a pet,
As long as we adore each other,
This’ll be the best life yet,
I share the early morn with you,
We share our bed at night,
And when we eat,
We share breakfast,
In morning and at night,
When bathroom hour rolls around,
I share that with you too,
Let’s fill the tub with Kix and milk,
I’ll lay in it, you screw.