I’m Going to Get a Broom Handle

I miss your face and how I touched it,
I miss your lips and deep brown eyes,
I miss your legs from when you’re naked,
I miss your ass when clothed in pants,
I miss your hair, all black and pretty,
My hair is black and pretty, too:
Well, it’s your hair, but I have it,
And if you take one step closer to me,
It’s all going in the garbage disposal.
We’ll see who’s hair is pretty then.


Crying and screaming and
Throwing things, like lovers do,
And you’re right, I didn’t have to
Slap your stupid, bitch
Face, Tod, that’s true, but
You didn’t have to
Call my dick grody, did you?

I’m working, striving, slowly
Getting back to baseline,
Searching for a way to come
Without seeing your face,
Feeling the fingers on your hand
Or mine, spouting off without
Human contact, shooping without
Flesh or bone or warmth,
And then I remembered what
Fuck machines are, and maxed out
My credit card.