I could not believe
That you are so tight and dry,
But only in front.

My teeth are pretty,
White and straight from dentistry,
Check out all your welts!

You love what you make,
Transferring it by the fistful,
To your gaping mouth.

That meme you sent me,
Intended to disgust all,
I’m Goatse, you know.

I made a mistake:
I thought you would not mind, at
Lake Titicaca

I am doing the fuck with you,
What? No, you keep quiet.

Why do I come around?

Well, It’s your eyes, and
Your smile and the shape
Of your boobs,
And I like that you put
Your mouth on my dick,
And we both know that
The best sex,
Is my sex in your sex,
Sexing sexily,
Sexy, sexy, sex-sex-sex

The thing about thirst is
It’s all-consuming, my mouth
Roughens, my tongue swells,
And you’re so wet down there,

If I had your pussy,
I’d put it on my penis,
I’d put it where my mouth lives,
I’d put it in your hole,
If I had your tongue to taste,
I’d lick it ‘till it’s flaccid,
I’d jerk it ‘till it shot loads,
I’d gobble down your seed:
Oh. I meant your dick.
Tongues don’t make sperms.

You know your tits are round and firm,
Your belly’s flat,
Your hips are round,
And the only think tighter than your pussy is your ass,
But your problem is you’re loud and grabby,
You kick in your sleep,
And you’re always gabby,
My secrets aren’t secrets when the whole world knows my secrets,
And you’re not really a lady when your lady parts don’t have arms,
Don’t have legs, a neck or a head,
Which I still need to dispose of,
I’m keeping your torso,
It’s my torso now,
And while I won’t miss your jabber,
My knob will be lonely without that dick-sucking mouth of yours.