I know you like it naked,
Not just when we’re doin’ it,
Or you’re doin’ it with someone else,
But when you’re on the phone, washing dishes,
Scrubbing the head, or picking up after me,
You’re bare-assed and sexy,
You know I like to watch you,
While your brown eye’s watching me,
While I’m staring at your felch hole.


How don’t I know what you do,
Walking on your ass-raising heels,
A glance over your shoulder as you
Shut the door, go on now, change
Into something more comfortable,
Whatever that something will be,
I’ll just lay here, patiently, until
You return, heels discarded, legs
Unwrapped of nylon and garter,
Naked, it seems, but look!
You’ve dressed-up your insides tonight,
And that certainly is a nice pressurized
Canister of dried, fruity delights
You’ve got between your legs, isn’t it?

You were wiggling,
Naked lady friend,
Like you wanted to get away,
Or were hoping I would hit a certain spot inside you,
So I let you scramble beneath me,
Repositioned myself as soon as I was out,
And there I am back in,
You go off: writhing and moaning,
Calling out my name,
So I go,
“You like that, baby?
You like my big Jew dick inside of you?”
It seems you do.