I’m Going to Get a Broom Handle

I miss your face and how I touched it,
I miss your lips and deep brown eyes,
I miss your legs from when you’re naked,
I miss your ass when clothed in pants,
I miss your hair, all black and pretty,
My hair is black and pretty, too:
Well, it’s your hair, but I have it,
And if you take one step closer to me,
It’s all going in the garbage disposal.
We’ll see who’s hair is pretty then.


I’m kinda not paying attention,
Wearing your thighs as earmuffs,
But you keep talkin’ baby,
Just chat away, ‘cause today I’m
Taking my time, doing my best
Impersonation of a pretty–pretty kitty,
Lapping up your milk;
Come to think of it, you’re the pussy,
So I should be … your owner,
And you can be my pussy, purring,
While I pet you all night long,
Except I’m gonna use my tongue.