And so you went to bed last night,
To bed last night without me;
Without me there, you went to sleep,
Went to sleep without me there.

Without me there, you rubbed and bucked,
Rubbed and bucked against your hand;
Your hand was where my fingers were,
My fingers weren’t there last night.

There, last night, I watched then crept,
Then crept into your darkened room;
Your darkened room, thick with your scent,
Your scent clings to my hands.

My hands are slick, your juices thick,
Thickening all around you,
You broke my fucking heart, Mary, but you
Won’t be double-teaming my black lab and your schnauzer
Any more, will you?
Dead girlfriends can’t cheat on you like that.

You test me and test me,
And tease me with kisses:
Butterfly kisses: eyelashes a-fluttering,
Eskimo kisses: chapped nose, rubbing chapped nose,
Chaste kisses: lips dry and unappealing,
And Sensual kisses: moist and inviting,
Slick and arousing, I love holding
Your face and rubbing tongues
As we press together our
Small fleshy pillows, your lips
Taste like your dinner, I ate
Myself out tonight, so that’s why
I already taste like quim.