I’ve got a dick zit,
You won’t even notice it,
It is pretty small.

Baby, please listen:
Everyone is doing it,
Come on, just the tip?

I’m not feeling it,
It’s the troubles of the world.
I’ve got a headache?

That joke doesn’t age,
Saying “Just the tip” is fun,
But for reals now. Please?

Word to your mother,
Learning to switch-off like that,
She must get tore up.


Who’s a perfect person, baby?
“I’m not,” I told you Tuesday,
We did what we did because of what we played,
And you took it like a champ, my dear,
Except for when you bit me, so.
Let me point out one time-tested truth,
Let us discuss one thing,
It’s a little late to say,
“I’m not sure I’m into that, sweetheart,”
When “the tip” is already in.