I’m kinda not paying attention,
Wearing your thighs as earmuffs,
But you keep talkin’ baby,
Just chat away, ‘cause today I’m
Taking my time, doing my best
Impersonation of a pretty–pretty kitty,
Lapping up your milk;
Come to think of it, you’re the pussy,
So I should be … your owner,
And you can be my pussy, purring,
While I pet you all night long,
Except I’m gonna use my tongue.


The thing about thirst is
It’s all-consuming, my mouth
Roughens, my tongue swells,
And you’re so wet down there,

If I had your pussy,
I’d put it on my penis,
I’d put it where my mouth lives,
I’d put it in your hole,
If I had your tongue to taste,
I’d lick it ‘till it’s flaccid,
I’d jerk it ‘till it shot loads,
I’d gobble down your seed:
Oh. I meant your dick.
Tongues don’t make sperms.

I want to touch your vagina,
With anointments of oil and gold,
I want to make it a flower,
That your delicate fingers can hold,
I want to nuzzle up gently,
My tongue coated in your slick juice,
I’d like you to pull back your lips, baby,
And chew on my wrinkled prepuce.