Laying beside you,
My hands wander languidly,
As lazily, you kiss me,
Lips locking idly,
Neither moves much,
And my eyes search the darkened ceiling
For textures I’m not even sure are there,
But this ice sure is cold,
And you’re shivering noticeably now,
So let’s get out of the tub and rush to the bedroom,
And fuck until we’re warm.


I love you like a million bucks,
You love me like a pet,
As long as we adore each other,
This’ll be the best life yet,
I share the early morn with you,
We share our bed at night,
And when we eat,
We share breakfast,
In morning and at night,
When bathroom hour rolls around,
I share that with you too,
Let’s fill the tub with Kix and milk,
I’ll lay in it, you screw.