May 2007


You’re so much prettier,
Lips all a-pucker,
With your glass eye plucked out,
You gently slip my prick in.

Sassing Me.

Don’t you sass me, she said,
Fingers clamped around my
Ear so hard, I knew it was turning
White around the edges of her
Calcified fingernails, don’t you do it,
And of course I cried out (I’m weak),
And that’s when she started giving
Me a down-home Baptist thrashing,
My ass in the air, bent over her
Spindly legs, I didn’t realize it was
Happening until she gasped (in what
I thought was anger), but then
She started planting kisses on my face
And down my belly, and she didn’t
Stop until I sassed all over her blouse.

A Memo Slid Under a Door

I want you to tell me you love me.
I want mementos, so I know that you care.
I want you to treat me like the delicate flower I am inside.
I want you to fawn over me.
I want to comfort you when you’re sad.
Sometimes, I want you to do me rough and hard.
I want to meet your family.
I want you to let me out of the guest room.
I want to prove to you that I want to stay here.
Please let me out of the guest room.

A Parable about Something

Sometimes the loneliness creeps up,
Like something subtle, slinking toward you
With nothing but ill intent … have you
Ever had a cat? It’s like when you have a cat,
And the cat sneaks up on you. One minute
There’s no cat on your head, the next
There is, and that’s what my loneliness is like,
Except I’m sitting on a wine bottle,
And there’s no cat on my head.

Personal Advertisement

I called a number
In the back of the
Paper, and twenty minutes
Later you were there,
In my hotel room,
We went out dancing and drinking,
Undressing, and then
Going through the motions
Of making babies, and then
Practicing some more,
You were tipped upon leaving,
And I’ve been pissing something
Milky and viscous since then.

A Bad Day for Lovin’ You

Your hair’s so finely coiffed,
And your skin glows,
From a precisely metered
Radiation bed … who still believes
That tan skin is an indication
Of health? Today I got the
Results of my blood test,
I turned white, dropped the phone
Like they do in afternoon
Made-for-TV movies,
And later, when you tried to seduce me,
I let you, because I didn’t know how
To break the news, and
Once I do, you won’t be
Guiding me inside you anymore.

The Joys of Having

A nice, new pen is
Awfully fine, in multitudinous
Ways, the ink flows
Freely, from its deep
Black luster, and smooth
Quite like a missile, that
When launched,
Goes up and up to
Unknown depths
Inside my bottom.

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