November 2009

I want to go hot and heavy with you,
I’d like to do that for a while,
It’s all because of what I see you do,
When you’re all alone, and you stroke
As you smile, and I’m smiling too
Hiding in your closet, panties on my face
Draped from forehead to chin, your
Fingers they play, and your fingers go in,
And I’m sniffing the musk that you
Made with your minge, and as you climax
Sweet darling, I make my appearance,
You lean yourself back on the bed
Right next to my penis: I hover above you,
My dick dangles down, while the shit
That I shoot sprays from waist to
Your crown, now you’re lumpy and brown.


And so you went to bed last night,
To bed last night without me;
Without me there, you went to sleep,
Went to sleep without me there.

Without me there, you rubbed and bucked,
Rubbed and bucked against your hand;
Your hand was where my fingers were,
My fingers weren’t there last night.

There, last night, I watched then crept,
Then crept into your darkened room;
Your darkened room, thick with your scent,
Your scent clings to my hands.

My hands are slick, your juices thick,
Thickening all around you,
You broke my fucking heart, Mary, but you
Won’t be double-teaming my black lab and your schnauzer
Any more, will you?
Dead girlfriends can’t cheat on you like that.

I’m gonna be on stage, baby,
I’m gonna squint in those bright lights,
I’ll do what I do, ‘cause I know
What you do, when it’s dark outside,
On a weekday night, I’m in front
Of an audience, beating my crank,
Letting the audience see
How I yank, I make your lap sing
With artful ministrations, you make
My tip shoot warm and wet libations,
Thanks for coming out, tell your
Friends, drive safe and goodnight.