February 2010

Shameless Cross-Promotion

You had this burning sensation,
And it’s all my fault,
You’re understandably upset,
I know why you’re pissed, darling,
But I can’t put out your boob fire,
So why don’t you stop,
Drop, and roll,
And I’ll see you around sometime.

If I loved you
Like I want to love you:
If I loved you all day long;
You couldn’t walk
’cause I’d tear that pussy apart:
Now shut your mouth,
The TV’s on.


I was so in love with you,
We hugged, cuddled, kissed, and
Made love like porn stars do
(in their off-time),
But our love turned South…
When I heard you say something about
Your hermetic legions, I thought it seemed odd,
But herpetic lesions makes much more sense.


Our lives have several strict laws,
Passed down from He to thee,
We follow in his footsteps,
So we may be as holy,
I’ve lived my life without your touch,
For many years and days,
Lord Jesus doesn’t ask for much,
Only that we abstain,
In a week we’ll still be pure when wed,
Then the magic underpants come off,
I’m gonna let my latter-day saints out,
And shoot them all over your womb.